The Mission of 30 Days of Takeout

What is 30 Days of Takeout?

30 Days of Takeout is an urban food and travel blog dedicated to finding cool, hip, and hidden gems in local cities all across the world. 30 Days of Takeout is not just another review site, we want to tell the story of the restaurants and bring colorful insight and vivid description to our readers. We want our readers to see through the eyes of the restaurant. 30 Days of Takeout wants our readers to know how that restaurant became distinct and unique. There’s something special about that restaurant and we want our readers to know exactly what it is so when they visit your city, they will immediately know where to go for some of the best food your city has to offer. 30 days 30 restaurants. 30 days 30 restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! If you vacationed in your favorite city for 30 days enjoying it’s culture and it’s lifestyle, where are the best places to dine in order to fully envelop yourself in that city? And that’s where 30 Days of takeout comes in! 30 Days of Takeout is a movement and our readers will help shape that movement by helping to recommend those hidden gems to be featured.

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