Why I created 30 DaysofTakeout

I started 30daysoftakeout in an effort to rediscover my passions. I worked in a profession for many years that is extremely cutthroat and demanding. I got tired of being questioned for why I was leaving work on time. I felt my my creativity being zapped. I felt uninspired and unfulfilled. I wasn’t growing in my profession and I was left with that lingering thought in the back of my head that I wasn’t living up to my true potential. My move to LA really inspired me to try to make it out here and just move with an idea of creativity. I know I’m just another foodblogger in the blogosphere but that’s ok because all it takes is a concept, idea, and guerrilla marketing to launch a brand. And that’s what this all about. A rediscovery of passion and a chance to rebrand myself and bring people together through the happiness of food. Food is an expression of life, culture, and enjoyment. And I hope to show you little by little why.

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