Food, Community, and Pizza From LA’s Best Deli & Cafe

LA’s Best Deli & Café is a homegrown diner that lies in downtown LA. Technically located in LA’s Seafood District, this restaurant has a lot going on with their menu that rivals just about every other casual American dining style restaurant around. Known for their breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, and salads this restaurant has another surprise in store for patrons deciding to dine here: their pizza. Yes indeed!  You almost gloss over the fact that they have pizzas on their menu, but it is certainly a hidden gem on the menu. I couldn’t believe it myself when I first tried the pizza as I was left in a state of shock thinking this was a paradox, but it certainly wasn’t one because there is a sign outside the restaurant the restaurant that calls attention to the fact that they really do make a delicious tasting pizza here.

            It wasn’t long after dining here and tasting their wonderful breakfasts, mouthwatering tasty burgers, and taking a drive on the indulge myself highway with the LA’s Best Signature Pizza that this was a charming restaurant whose story needed to be told and who better to tell that story than the lady who has pretty much seen it all throughout the years. She’s seen owners come and go and even some the people come and go from the community. You’ll almost always hear her answer the phone and you will almost entirely see her face as she holds it down here at LA’s Best Deli and Café. And by holding it down, I mean handling the breakfast and lunch rushes sometimes even by herself as she remembers everyone’s order and recognizes all the regulars that dine here. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Karla and find out what goes into making LA’s Best Deli and Café a great spot to eat in LA.

LA’s Best Signature Burger

            “If you’re a person that eats out a lot, you’re going to taste the difference here because everything is home cooked. Everything is prepared from scratch and that’s even with our dressings that we make that are from scratch as well, so you can certainly taste the difference here,” Karla said.

She continued. “Nothing is left sitting for a long time and that goes from the cheese to the meats. We order our produce and meats twice a week so everything is coming in fresh all the time.

Karla works four days a week and commutes from Compton. She’s been with the restaurant for fourteen years serving as the lead waitress for some of those years, but decided to take a step back on managerial duties for more time to spend with her kids. Plus, she preferred that not having a managerial title. Karla feels that its better that everyone there is on an equal level and that no one feels like one person has a higher status, or seniority than the other for the betterment and unification of the entire team. She attributes a harmonious work environment that has kept everyone together throughout the years.

Since she’s been with the restaurant, she has seen three owners come and go. Each owner that has taken over, they have let the restaurant run buy itself by not interrupting the flow of how the restaurant operates while also keeping the restaurants name intact. While Karla doesn’t know where the name LA’s Best Deli& Café came from she certainly can attest that their food is certainly a cut above the rest as it relates to the casual dining experience goes.

 What goes into the food here as far as preparation goes is the reason why LA’s Best Deli& Café has lived up to it’s name. All of the cooks, waitresses, and even Karla herself have all each been there for numerous years. That sense of family and community with the staff here has transcended into the service they provide here as well. The servers know all their regulars that dine here and make them all feel welcome each and every time they come in.


I remember the second time ever calling here to place a pickup and not entirely remembering if it was Karla or not who answered the phone, I ordered The LA’s Best Burger, and the OMG burger, and told her I was going to be coming from downtown. Her response was: “I remember you from last time, and I’ll wait like 10 minutes before I put the order in because I don’t want the buns to get soggy if you’re stuck in traffic.”

I was just left thinking how cool that was. Both burgers are fantastic, but it’s that extra bit of service and remembrance of customers that I can personally speak on that is displayed to everyone else that eats here. With there being so much on the menu here I asked Karla what are some of the popular dishes that people usually get here.

She replied, “Our salads are top sellers here. Everyone thinks about a healthy diet and healthy eating options so our salads are a number one request. For our breakfast, I think our pancakes sell a lot with the variations that we have and last but not least, our sandwiches really sell a lot.  But there is a little crowd for everything. If you want chicken, there’s options for that. If you like meats, there are a few options for that. So there’s a little crowd about each item here and that’s what makes it cool about coming here because we really do have something for everyone.”

Of course I had to ask what goes into the pizzas at LA’s Best Deli& Café since all of the pizzas Karla has recommended to me, I have loved. Aside from the usual tomato and basil with added pepperoni that I always get, the LA’s Best Signature, The Works and The BBQ chicken pizza have all been great tasting pizzas.  

Half Tomato and Basil, Half LA’s Best Signature Pizza

“I absolutely love our pizza, oh my God it’s so amazing especially for us not being an Italian restaurant, but that’s attributed to our lady pizza cook that’s been here for years. We also make our own pizza sauce everyday and don’t buy it from the store. Fresh cheese, fresh pepperoni, it goes back to us making sure we keep things fresh when people order it.”

LA’s Best Deli and Café is definitely a place to visit whenever you come to Los Angeles and is why this restaurant has officially been nominated for 30DaysofTakeout! It is a hidden gem that you will surely appreciate when you dine here. Their slogan is “Great Food, Great People and it feels that way all the time here. You can catch Karla at LA’s Best Deli & Café Mon-Friday from 6am-2: 30pm and Saturday from 7am-1: 30pm. Closed on Sundays. Check them out and if you read this article mention that you’re a friend of 30DaysofTakeout.

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