Open Letter from 30DaysofTakeout

Hi everyone!

I just want to say a huge shout out to everyone who has followed me and I show that same kind of love right back by immediately following you! A follow to me is like a friend request on Facebook and that’s how I treat my IG! I definitely want to give a big shout out to all the restaurants/artists who are allowing me to come in, kick it, and agree to do a full in depth interview and photo montage because that really allows me to vividly tell your story! This is a babyblog and it’s a work in progress, but one day at a time with one post at a time I believe 30daysoftakeout can do big things! I really want to do something different with my blog and I’m going to show you guys/gals just that! Right now I’m stacked up with some exciting content and I’m going to be a mad scientist about it and get it out there for all of you. But I need to ask all of you a huge favor: Can I ask everyone who follows me to please shout out 30daysoftakeout? Just shout me out to your co-workers, your friends, your social/family circle, because I’m trying my best to only keep it with organic active followers & friends only!

A lot of the followers I met have been with me meeting people in real time networking and just saying hello, shaking hands and telling the story of 30daysoftakeout and sometimes that’s what it takes to promote a brand. I’m really happy to those friendships that developed as a result! But I do have hashtags I put on all posts, so if you want to shout us out via hashtag it’s #30daysoftakeout and #30daysoftakeoutchallenge. Just shout us out when you’re having your favorite takeout meal, or at your favorite restaurant having a drink, or with your family or whatever else because that could REALLY go a long way since those hashtags are associated with us! Slowly but surely we’re going to get this baby born and it starts with all of you! Thank you for reading this and being apart of 30daysoftakeout

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