Introducing the Follower Feature Spotlight of 30DaysofTakeout

            Hi everyone!

            I am introducing a new segment to the blog of 30DaysofTakeout and that is the Follower Feature Spotlight series. This is my exclusive series where I showcase the followers behind 30DaysofTakeout. And by follower I mean friend, because a follow to me is like a friend request on Facebook and I will immediately follow you right back. I stand by that 100% because I welcome everyone that welcomes me! But my intention behind the Follower Feature segment is to showcase the community that encompasses 30DaysofTakeout.

            I want to tell the stories of my followers because everyone’s life story is different; it’s what makes us who we are. And I want to tell your story only if you are willing to share it with 30DaysofTakeout! Therefore, I want to open the floor up to each and every follower of 30DaysofTakeout. If you would like to be nominated for the Follower Feature Spotlight series, comment down below and also send me a DM with a brief bio about you and I’ll reach back out to you to set up your interview.

            Tell me about yourself and that could be past, present, and future life dreams and goals. What makes you unique? You know what makes you unique so tell us what does! But be sure to mention you’re most absolute favorite number one comfort food you can’t live without because this of course is 30DaysofTakeout! I want everyone to share, who is willing to share, their individual stories so please don’t fall into thinking that you’re story may not be intriguing enough.

            It’s not a one way street with me, as I want my page to be fully interactive because I don’t look at it as gaining followers; I look at as I am building a community for my brand. Therefore, each and every follower is apart of that community following. So sharing your story with the community allows everyone to organically connect together and this is what I want 30DaysofTakeout to be about. I want for 30DaysofTakeout to be that platform and to be that space to allow for that. “Like”, “subscribe” and “nominate” are my buzzwords for community growth and by nominating your story for 30daysoftakeout is you are participating in that community growth!

             Now the only thing I’m going to ask for in return for anyone included in the Follower Feature Spotlight Series is shout outs and page mentions. I need those shout outs amongst your immediate circle. And I need those page mentions when your story drops! #30daysoftakeout #30daysoftakeoutchallenge are my hashtags. Help me grow 30DaysofTakeout organically and the only way is by more people following my page. They’re going to see your story posted to my blog, so get them to follow me so we can grow the community of 30DaysofTakeout. I look forward to hearing and sharing your story.

Thank You and let’s all stay connected!

            Here are some of our followers we will be featuring soon: @legallyclaire, @junntra, @lauraeletel, @laurenrossi_ @daniellethenbanks, @prettypumpedfitness, @offically_lizi

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