Instagram Post- A Hidden Gem Restaurant: Szechwan Kitchen.

Chef Qing Bin Meng and Sharleen

This one may not be in LA, but it still counts because it is LA county. I love that @leasinglifela and I stumbled onto this quaint hidden gem of a restaurant @szechwankitchen one day after carousing through @ikeausa. I love all the tastes and all of the authentic variety of dishes here. The cuisines are all excellent and prepared with deliberate delicacy by Chef Qing Bin Meng. This is one place I will drive all the way from LA. I even introduced my mom one day here as @szechwankitchen has become near and dear to my heart. Everytime we come @sharleen88226 is always there full of smiles. It’s officially become a reflex to stop by and dine here everytime I’m out here. Officially a regular here and am really happy we met a new friend of @30daysoftakeout with @sharleen88226! Indeed this is a must try restaurant! These are only a few of the many dishes offered here.

From left to right Second and Third Row: Crispy Shrimp, Chinese Broccoli, Dan Dan Noodle, Passion Fruit Tea and Kiwi Tea, Beef and Chili Noodle

Beef Noodle
Shrimp With Scrambled Egg

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