From Naples to LA courtesy of Flame Pizzeria

An invite graciously accepted which led to reservations being made for two @flamepizzeriala! I’m happy I made it out for a great christmas eve dinner after @flamepizzeriala became fans of @30daysoftakeout. I had a chance to shake hands with owner and chef Richard Florczak whose over 20 year career as a premier private celebrity chef gained him notable star clients such as  @tomcruise  @leonardodicaprio  and  @jennifer.garner among several others. He’s also shared some of his cooking tips and favorite recipes in a somewhat tell all book called The Private Chef (Hollywood’s Premier Private Chef and the Recipes&Techniques That got Him There)

There are definitely more great pizzas on the menu to try. Chef Richard has seven different pizzas on the menu along with many great starter items on the menu. I had three out of the seven pizzas featured on the menu and enjoyed all of them. Definitely a gourmet style pizza. Each of their pizzas are cooked in the traditional Naples style with all of them being wood-fried in high heat and fast creating that natural dark blistering on the edges producing the “char” effect. The restaurant opened in 2015 to the neighborhood as the 700 degree capable wood burning pizza oven is the only thing used to cook everything for people to enjoy. Fair Warning: If you eat here, do not inquire about pineapple or a gluten free option because that’s not the case here…it’s even stated on the menu.

The Richie. Arrabiata sauce with fresh mozzarella salami and fennel sausage
The Nadia. Arrabiata sauce with shredded parmesan cheese.

Flame Pizzeria definitely has its own appeal. The kitchen is open where Chef Richard is behind the counter putting together his masterful pizza creations. The restaurant is very quaint and has a soft setting to it and is really perfect for a date night. The small bar up front offers many great craft beer selections and also serves as a spot where the regulars come to hang out. Everyone who comes to dine here will get to see Chef Richard do what he does best and that’s cooking up a great pizza. When the tables are filled with pizzas he makes himself available interacting with his patrons and regulars. Flame Pizzeria is located in Reseda and only open for the dinner hours and Tuesday through Sunday from 5-10pm, but it is worth the drive here to enjoy a quiet evening enjoying the gourmet taste of a Naples style pizza.

Chef Richard Florczak

Besides the pizzas here, there are great starter items to enjoy as well, which are all pictured below. I was able to enjoy The Rocket Arugula salad which is made with baby arugula with feta cucumbers and crispy pancetta tossed with cream balsamic vinaigrette. I also sampled the Lemon Garlic Chicken which is(of course) wood-fired d with a boneless chicken breast that is also very tasty as it is basted lemon garlic sauce capping off the flavor. Also the Thousand Layer Potatoes were recommended to try as it features Asiago cheese, cream, and garlic slow baked. A definite must see, must try intimate restaurant that where Chef Richard and the staff make everyone feel welcome. A special thank you @tymanpolina for setting everything up for us. We really enjoyed dining @flamepizzeriala and we will most definitely see you after the new year!

Toasted Almond Cream Cake Dessert

Below Pictured: The Rocket Arugula Salad, The Thousand Layered Potatoes, The Lemon Garlic Chicken and The Tyrannicide IPA

Craft Beers on Tap

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