Follower Feature Series Spotlight: Claire from Miracle Mile

            I am thrilled to officially reveal the follow feature spotlight segment of @30daysoftakeout. Since my launch, the entire focus has been to make 30daysoftakeout a fully interactive online blog publication between my followers and myself. I believe wholeheartedly that engagement has to be a two way street for people to genuinely care about your overall growth and success. So for me, the introduction of the follower feature series is something special. As I continue to grow 30daysoftakeout, I want to give the opportunity to share the stories of my followers. I want this to be a platform for people to want to share their stories and experiences so that the end result is a community being centered on the brand of 30daysoftakeout. And the only way that can be achieved is by having my following feel like they are apart of that growth.

         For our first follower feature spotlight, I wanted to share the story of one of our very first friends of 30daysoftakeout: Claire. When I only had the mere idea of launching my publication, Claire was the person who told me to manifest my intention to create 30daysoftakeout by locking down all social media platforms and domains, especially since no one had the name or domain. I didn’t even have a logo created at the time, but I took Claire’s advice and just did it. I owe that push to her and now three months ongoing since my launch, I am now popping up in Google searches with my website and social media profiles; so it’s fitting for me to introduce you to my friend Claire.

            Claire resides in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. She loves the community of Miracle Mile and sees the growth and potential this area has and wants to be apart of it. She’s been living in LA on and off for almost ten years and previously called Franklin Village home. Claire attended UC Berkeley for college and had a chance to experience the food scene out there.

            “There were a lot of pretty great places to eat out at in Berkley. There was a Venezuelan restaurant right down the street where I lived that was a fun spot to go to. Also, there’s a little bit of a French influence in Berkeley, so there’s really a lot of nice places to go to that are fun. Plus, there’s some really good pizza places to go to, so I really had some fun times up there,” she recalled.

            Claire describes her foodie level is a solid six. She loves food and likes trying out different types of food, but she doesn’t consider herself an expert when it comes down to ranking and reviewing restaurants. Claire won’t pass up a great Mediterranean restaurant to eat at as she really enjoys Middle Eastern, Armenian, and Lebanese style cuisines. Her favorite Mediterranean restaurant around the area is a place called Open Sesame that’s located on Beverly. Claire likes the different blends and spices they use on their foods, so for her it’s a really fun place to go to dine at.

            Healthy eating is very important to Claire and that goes into her decisions on what and where to eat. She likes going to restaurants where they use fresh herbs and healthful ingredients. She really appreciates if the chefs can put something together that tastes very healthy and nourishing that’s combined with a distinct and decadent taste.

            Claire passion for healthy eating carries over to the kitchen where she likes cooking different dishes. She credits her cooking to her father where he would have some go to dishes he would cook that were always great to eat. She is the same way as far as having go to dishes that she loves making. Her go to dishes are her special recipe Vodka Pasta, her Arugula Salads, Egg Plant Thai Curry Dish with Japanese Sweet Potatoes, some Bell peppers mixed in with some Tofu sometimes. Claire health consciousness plays apart in where she shops and gets her ingredients for food at.

            “I’ve gone from one extreme to the other and from being a raw vegan to now incorporating tons of animal protein for a high protein diet. What the raw vegan side taught me was that I could make some really delicious salads and amazing salad dressings without it being drenched in oils, sugars, and even lots of fats. For me during that stage of me being raw vegan and incorporating a low fat vegan diet, it really taught me how to prepare foods and refine my pallet of foods,” Claire said.

            Moderation is important for Claire and combined with her high protein diet, she is able to keep track of food calories and macros so that she is able to reward herself with delicious treats when the time and mood is right.  A cheat day is not in Claire’s vocabulary; she just considers it as a day where she doesn’t heavily track what she eats, especially if she knows she is going to be eating out and trying a new restaurant.

            “It’s hard to keep track when you eat out and you can’t rely on what a restaurants calorie count is so if I know I’m eating out I’m just going to let loose and not bother to track my calorie count for that day; it’s more fun that way.”

Claire’s ultimate comfort food choice: Waffles and fries.

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