An Open Letter From 30DaysofTakeout: 2020 Goals.

            Hello and a very merry happy New Year to everyone! I wish everyone a wonderful start to 2020 as the start of the New Year always marks a new beginning for us. We all have New Year’s resolutions that we hope will manifest themselves. This is not only the beginning of a new year, but also a beginning of a new decade with new chapters to be written. To everyone taking the time to read this, I wish you nothing but positivity, continued blessings, and prosperity as we all work toward having our New Year Resolutions materialize. 

            For me I have dubbed 2020 as my year of resurgence. 2019 was the year of rebranding myself and 30daysoftakeout was start of my rebranding because I finally got back into what I was passionate about: being a writer and a photographer. I became uninspired due to the profession I was in at the time and totally focused on becoming a finance manger in the car business. As a result I was losing my identity. I slowly began to realize that I was wasting away my creativity in the hopes that I would eventually climb the ladder and succeed in a profession that wasn’t enriching and rewarding to my spirit.

            I began to question who I was and what I was chasing that I felt was so important at the time. Even though monetary success is huge in terms of us reaching our goals, I feel we can lose our identity in a continued effort to chase monetary success since we are conditioned to believe that monetary success is the threshold in how we measure our overall success.  But there’s more to life than that, so when I walked away from car sales it was a bittersweet feeling as I began my journey of rebranding of myself in 2019, which I emphasized was a rediscovery of my creativity.

            For me 2019 was a now or never point in my life, where if I don’t do this now then when will I do it? And will I ever do it? For everyone still reading this whatever passions you have, whatever creative ideas you have, you owe it to yourself to just do it! Just go with your ideas and passions whatever it is and don’t allow yourself to think that you can’t launch your brand because you will never do so if you subscribe to that belief. It took me a long time to realize that, which is why I have a lot of catching up to do. I have major plans for 30daysoftakeout in 2020. It’s best for me list them out and hope everyone will be here as I continue my journey.

  1. I will be doing more Follower Feature Spotlights sharing the stories of my continued followers/friends. I want 30daysoftakeout to be a community of followers rather than just having followers if that makes sense.
  2. I will be revealing myself. I have been told that for me to take it to the next level this is going to be crucial step for my growth and goals for 30daysotakeout. This is going to be a big step for me since I will officially be putting myself out there in front of the world. I am continuing to focus on creating cool content to grow my following base.
  3. When I reveal myself I want to launch webisodes with my restaurant features. on my You Tube channel. That will happen in 2020.
  4. I will be creating a personal account separate to 30daysoftakeout that will highlight my photography. I want to grow my personal brand of photography separate to 30daysoftakeout.
  5. Next level marketing for 30daysoftakeout as I continue to grow. I would like to eventually expand and have 30daysoftakeout go global.
  6. A continued online publication, blog, and quarterly magazine. The more we grow, I have hopes of making 30daysoftakeout an official startup business. I will consider launching a kickstarter.

            I am a foodie blog first and foremost, but I’m not limiting myself to just being a food blog. In the short time I have expanded into much more. It all started by just attending events and taking pictures of city life and I want to continue to show you the best of LA. The baby is not yet born. I am three months into this and just completed my first trimester. Your continued support will allow me grow and make my baby born. Thank You. Please follow me also on Instagram @30daysoftakeout

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