Three Decades of Dissent: Obey style!

Wrapping up a 2019 post with the @obeygiant art show that recently passed @oti.official! I went on the very last day of the show and took pictures of every painting here. (Sadly the video I took got shot in the wrong format so I couldn’t upload it) You can make a very valid argument that @obeygiant is a generational artist whose impactful art and messages have been seen worldwide through many eyes. For those that may not know @obeygiant painted the iconic Obama Hope Picture during the 08 campaign. His career started with the Andre The Giant sticker morphing it into the face of Obey. His art has always been fueled by current events producing a nonconformist attitude embracing punk rock, DIY culture, skateboarding and addressing a range of themes from climate change to civil rights activist activism and mass incarceration. From his art, led to his clothing as the Obey Brand took off worldwide gaining Shepard Fairey a global following.

Entering the gallery from beginning to end, told a story from unchecked governmental authority, corruption and suppression of free and independent thought to social resistance empowering the people by coming together united under one cause and a better vision for the future. @obeygiant really captures the periods of history with these painting reminding us that we control our own future by coming together all politics aside. It is the establishment that keeps us separate and pecking at each other’s throats subscribing to the propaganda they spew keeping us apart. Divide and conquer has always been their ploy as Rulers throughout history have come to power and suppressed free thought and equal rights. The power and influence always holds true with the people and the only way that can happen is by coming together with one voice to create change we can believe in. At least that’s what I took from it. An awesome and empowering exhibit by @obeygiant and I’m glad I saw it in time.

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