Build your own with The Counter DTLA

The NYC Pastrami Burger

What turned into a theme for me in January was Burger Month. I began looking for some pretty cool burger spots to try in Downtown. One of the places I stumbled onto was The Counter DTLA. The first time I came here I was on my was on my way to a photoshoot so I only wanted to eat something light so I went with the BLT sandwich. Of course me seeing other people customize their burgers made me realize I was missing out, and there was no way I could post this restaurant without trying their burgers, so I planned on heading back soon.

I certainly got what I came for when I saw the Pastrami NYC Burger. Jessica, who was the bartender on duty, told me that it topped her list of great burgers to try, so I was all in! In the meantime, there was a new drink that was being prepared and that was really a sweet combination of both alcohol and ice cream that was being concocted.

They call it the “Lucky In Kentucky”, made of Maker’s Mark, peach puree, caramel syrup, vanilla bean ice cream, topped with crushed graham crackers.

A few minutes later the burger came and I was ready to dive right in. The first bite tasting the pastrami and the burger hit my tongue, I was just nodding my head in instant approval as the taste just sent shockwaves to my brain. Just wow! This was totally cooked to perfection.

I cheated myself the first time here not trying their burgers, but there wasn’t going to be a second time and The NYC Pastrami Burger definitely lived up to the hype as everything just popped. My taste buds really thanked me as this burger was good to the very last bite! I hope this is kept as a signature burger, but @thecounterdtla specializes in creating your own burger.

All burgers are “made with 100% all natural, responsibly raised and handled Angus beef cooked to order and true to weight, give or take.” No added hormones or antibiotics ever! They also offer many burger customization and options making this The Counter DTLA a place for everyone’s unique taste.

Say yes to @thecounterdtla, and treat yourself to an amazingly tasty and satisfying burger the next time you’re in DTLA!

The Impossible Burger. Avocado red onions, arugula, tomato and vegan goat cheese
Build your own Burger. All-natural beef sunny side up egg, tillamock cheddar, arugula and roasted red peppers.

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