From Italy to Hollywood courtesy of Burrata House

A bright sunny day in Southern California and an invite graciously accepted by @burratahouse to do a photoshoot and to also of course indulge in some burrata! I revisited @burratahouse for one of my first foodie post of the new year to check out their updated menu and man oh man was I in for a shock. I couldn’t believe how in such a short amount of time how popular this restaurant became as it attracts people from every region of the world!

No kidding, Burrata House is that popular. Looking at their Yelp page you will see not only the greater Los Angeles area, but there were now two locations in Los Angeles along with There’s so many new menu items all delicious and topped with their famous burrata! In such a short time their reputation has grown to where it’s drawing in people curious to try @burratahouse and with two locations here in LA (Palms and just recently Hollywood) this is becoming the go to spot for sandwiches, bowls, and pasta! Gourmet panini style Italian style sandwiches that will satisfy your cravings the place to definitely visit is @burratahouse! Thank you for making it all!

Limited Edition Egg plant Parmesan Sandwich, Pesto Bowl and Sandwich and Bowl Video

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