Your Sushi Fix fulfilled By Nabeeya DTLA

I bumped into @nabeeyadtla which is located at end of the block on the corner of Santee and 8th in the heart of DownTown LA’s fashion District. This place is a sleeper sushi house out here where the owner and chef Jason puts together a fantastic menu with a little bit of everything for people to check out when they dine here. Nabeeya is literally located at the end of the block on Santee Street and it feels like he’s making sushi out of his own house or maybe that’s just the vibe I pick up here because of the location and the fact that he is a major hip hop head as you can hear him bumping all the classic underground hip hop jams. Am i really enjoying some sushi while listening to Wu Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest. Yes, I am and that’s why it totally it feels like Jason is making these tasty and creative dishes out of his house because after all this spot is real deal sushi house. Counter only and outside seating, yup that’s about right when you visit a true sushi house! And i wouldn’t have it any other way either. I really enjoyed everything here as the soups and ramen came out where you could literally see the steam rising from the bowl! Being in the neighborhood for as long as Jason has, he knows his regulars and they do come out and dine here.

By the second day I came here I already felt like a regular as Jason already remembered my name. I’m glad I didn’t forget his because I’m really bad with names and even have to make a note of who I speak with so I don’t forget. From the sushi to the poke bowls all the way down to the Ramen, the expanded menu Nabeeya has really sparks your curiosity. I had to order the signature Nabeeya roll simply because it was named after the restaurant and I totally loved all that was packed on there. I am a person who can totally appreciate the delicacy of sushi as it as sushi chefs are decorated artists in their own regard. The attention to detail, the balance, the creativity, the names, and the fusion of flavors really shows off the skills and talents of the sushi chef and that’s exactly what Jason is with these creations he serves his customers.

Aside from the Nabeeya roll my other favorite items I have had on the menu were the Baked Philly Tempura Roll, The Mexico City Roll, and Baked Scallop roll. All of these combinations I’ve never seen before and that’s what makes sushi sampling all the more fun. So why not go back for a third day and cap off an incredible experience I had here befriending the staff. My taste buds now water every time I think of having sushi here. If you so happen to be in the Downtown LA Fashion District this is well worth a place to come check out for all your sushi cravings to be fulfilled.

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