How COVID-19 Changed Hollywood Boulevard

What was once buzzing with people, tourism, chatter, street artists, Hollywood tours and packed restaurants full of patrons it is all empty here as the new state mandates were put into place to shut down all activity involving crowds.

The Hollywood community is all but gone. The people who use to work these restaurants, guide these tours, and bring you all the sights and sounds all but vanished as the few remain here discuss with each other how long their way of life is disrupted. There’s nothing to do here but take a walk on the boulevard in the hopes that you will find a sprinkle of the spirit of Hollywood alive. The few restaurants still open are all operating one a day by day basis. .

A city and a state can only wait as this is now life on Hollywood Blvd. In the blink of an eye it all changed from pushing through the endless crowds, seeing people lined up for tours and watching all the star gazers looking for their favorite star on the walk of fame to a ghostown as no one is here. This is the Hollywood we see now as we can only hope it will go back to what it once was very soon.

Closed for Business
An empty Hollywood and Highland Subway Station

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