Welcome to the Wonderful World of Instagram: So you want to be a blogger? Let’s get started!

I am someone that is fairly new to Instagram. I just recently started my account In August 2019. Since then I have been a lab rat in terms of how I can grow it the best way organically possible. That’s the keyword here organic growth because let’s face it, there are the tips and tricks out there to accelerate growth, but is it all really worth it?  While there is no explicit instruction manual on how to grow your account there are things I have done and continue to try to do to continue to increase growth. I’ll list them out here. In these articles which I plan will lead to videos I’ll share with you my journey as I continue to grow and develop within my niche.

            Get used to hearing this word because it will continue to come up all the time, but first let’s dive in. How do you we started?

  • Find your niche and be passionate about it because after all it is your blog and you seriously want people to see the passion you have behind it.
  • Presentation counts. How else will you draw people in if you’re presentation is not top notch. Spend the extra time making those photos pop, it will go a very long way.
  • Learn that not everything should be posted. If you’re out of ideas on what to post don’t post. It’s ok. Sometimes less is more and sometimes it’s quality over quantity.
  • Continue to learn and develop your page. You won’t have all the answers right away and it’s ok. Research, develop, and learn while being willing to listen to others make suggestions. If you think you have all the answers or get defensive if someone makes a suggestion about how your account can be better then you’re not going to grow.
  • Spend time engaging with accounts that are similar to yours with your following base. If you want new followers it’s better to go after the smaller accounts since they’re likely interested in wanting to grow as well. Smaller accounts will pay attention more than larger accounts.
  • Make meaningful comments and not comments that make you look like a bot. If you take the extra time to come up with something clever, witty, and show that you actually read the caption of the post, that will go a long way rather than saying something generic like “wow what a click, or “nice capture” it will go a long way. Sometimes it’s better just to hit the like button instead of commenting something generic.
  • Stay humble. Don’t let your following get to your head. It’s sad to say but as we grow our egos grow, but try to remember that you started with nothing so keep it humble always and people won’t be intimidated to reach out for questions.

            This is the first of many articles that I will plan on writing as it relates to Instagram. Today the words came flowing off the top of head. I am very passionate about my blog and want to continue to grow. Stay connected with me on my journey and as I continue to grow I will continue to help you grow as well. What I’ve learned so far is a continual work in progress and that’s how you should treat your brand and blog. These are just the basics and I’ll dive into more as we go along.

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