It’s Lonely Here In These Streets COVID Docuseries

Nine Months and still ongoing the COVID-19 pandemic is still a harsh reality in Los Angeles. In Downtown, the streets are still empty and the people are scattered. The ressurange of DTLA has screeched to a halt. Although some restaurants are open, they are only operating at a fraction of their fullest capabilities all while having to adapt their business and wrestle with the question of how long will they remain open for like this.

Downtown is still witnessing closures and with the resources are being exhausted, it’s forcing restaurant owners to the edge of the cliff. How long can they hold on for? We pick up halfway into the @getmarkk #StepoutforDTLA campaign with @blackownedfoodla and myself continuing to reach out to restaurant owners to be apart of the campaign as we try to do our part to support local.

Today we meet Amine over @industrielfarm. What was once a local hotspot and thriving restaurant with a full staff and menu, it is now just himself here coping with this harsh reality and hoping for the day for some normality to return. Hear his story as he is one of the many restaurant owners in DTLA at the edge of the cliff.

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