The Cecil Hotel Is Haunted

I recently was asked to venture down to The Cecil Hotel to grab some footage and pictures but as I was walking by I struck up a conversation with a local security guard as we talked about the documentary and the stories that came out of here.

Background: The Cecil Hotel is located on the corner of 7th and Main and arguably encompasses Skid Row as you will see in the video. The Cecil has has its share of horror stories and unsolved cases here with many believing there are demonic forces deriving from there. Many people have died there including what happened to Eilisa Lam, a young tourist visiting Los Angeles where her strange and untimely death created a cult like following. Suicides, deaths, overdoses, the Night Stalker also stayed here in these walls. Despite many attempts to revamp this hotel it could no shake its dark past, so here it is guys: up close and personal of The Cecil Hotel

Do you think you could stay at this hotel much less step foot inside if it’s revamped?

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