Breakfast Burritos Gone Wild Wake And Late Style

Captain Crunch Burrito
The O.G. Burrito

            A must eat destination, Wake and Late has stamped itself onto the Downtown LA food scene bringing a unique and creative style to the breakfast burrito. If you’re craving a breakfast burrito, you must venture to this part of downtown because this spot is certainly on that list of novelty restaurants representing DTLA. Located on 6th and Main Street, Wake and Late has many fans waiting in line for their orders to be taken and their numbers to be called. Take a moment to dine in and you’ll notice all the activity around the restaurant, as this place is almost entirely busy.  

            There are definitely regulars that frequent here. Wake and Late is a niche restaurant as the breakfast burrito is only thing they serve here. Plus they are only open five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, and only during breakfast and early lunch hours. You only have until 1:30pm to enjoy a delicious breakfast burrito packed with whatever it is you desire.

            That’s right! Wake and Late allows you the option to customize your burrito exactly to your liking and craving, as you can stuff it with any and all available breakfast items they serve. They took the Chipotle concept and turned it upside down with almost endless breakfast combinations and styles. From hearty meat options to Vegan and vegetarian, there is something for everyone.

In October of 2016, the first eighteen months of the restaurant’s opening, Wake and Late was a college delivery service, servicing USC students morning and late night, hence the name Wake and Late.  

            There was one item on the menu that seemed to be pretty popular amongst students, and that was the O.G. Breakfast Burrito. The success of that burrito, along with word spreading around Downtown LA of Wake and Late being a breakfast destination led Co-Owner Alex and his partners to officially brand themselves as a breakfast burrito style restaurant.

Alex (second left) and the Wake and Late Team

            “We kind of think of ourselves as a fine casual breakfast where we almost kind of want to do what Chipotle did to the lunch and dinner space, but more so in the breakfast space,” Alex said.

            He continued, “We deliberately picked this space downtown for one to be close to USC for our deliveries and also for us to really have a store front in Downtown that at the time was really growing at the time so the feeling was right. We just had a feeling about downtown. There’s a community in downtown where there are long time residents here and who have come in and gave us well wishes wanting us to grow here and that’s really a great feeling so it’s been a blessing here. This was right time right place, right opportunity coming downtown.”

            Wake and Late definitely prides itself on fresh produce every single day while having meat deliveries times a week so they can be properly prepared for the enjoyable taste customers can experience. So far the plan is working and is in full affect. When asked what Alex thinks the top three burritos would be good for the first time customer to try believes the first time customer can’t go wrong with either The Bad Man, The O.G. and The Captain Crunch. 

            “Of course definitely start with our signature burritos to see exactly if it is something it you really like since our signature burritos have proven itself as we know those are options that taste really good since there is at least one signature burrito that fits a certain profile of customer, he said.

            I asked Alex what if Wake and Late has a secret menu to which he replied

            “The Vegan Dream has been one of those “secret” menu items we’ve recently added and it’s been a hit with the Vegan community as we found that it is frequently requested amongst Vegan customers. We’re happy that we can serve up a great Vegan Burrito and continue to offer those options for our customers. As a restaurant we continue to take those steps and measures to continue to add more Vegan based items to our menu to continue to have something for everyone here at Wake and Late.”

Vegan Dream Burrito

            As far as the future is concerned Alex takes it day by day with the immediate goal being to officially launch the reopening of the storefront to give people in downtown a solid place where they can get the Wake and Late experience. For Alex it is a work in progress everyday with additions to the menu as well as subtractions all in the attempts to craft and perfect their niche as a must stop over destination for breakfast in Downtown LA. Wake and Late is not afraid to try new things as well as keep things that are proven true for the people that make Wake and Late apart of their day for breakfast.

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