A fun little Downtown LA restaurant known as Ebaes

I love coming here @ebaesla on @ebaesow! I especially love how happy hour kicks off early at 2pm! This is a very quaint, cozy and intimate spot to come here in the @1111wilshire building that’s next door to @sofiadtla. I’ve certainly become a regular here with so many good items here on the menu. They really try to come with some creative menu items here so it keeps you guessing on what to try next, but everything has always been good. The Ramen options they have are tasty, fresh, and definitely craveworthy. I find myself getting caught up with wanting to try more, but since I’m a big sucker for sushi I go straight for it everytime I come here.

The restaurant itself is dim made for quaint gatherings and date nights with a friendly staff here that makes you always feel welcome. Ebaes is definitely a sleeper spot in LA that’s located just on the edge of Downtown. Put up chair, have a seat and sit back and enjoy all the tastes of this restaurant as it brings the tastes and styles of Japan combined with a little bit of mixes of Asian Fusion.

What I really most enjoy about the Ramen is the sauce and spices that are put into it. There’s enough flavor and bite to savor every bite and they certainly don’t skimp on the trimmings. Hats off to the chefs here for creating a great dining experience. On cold chilly days, Ramen is a must and The Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen will certainly warm you up right away. The rich creamy brothy taste will nourish you from head to toe. You can also add in additional items as well so there certainly is something for everyone here!

From Left to Right and Top to bottom: Spicy Tuna Roll, Poki Poki Roll, and Philadelphia Roll. Gyosa, Tater Tots with Spicy Tuna, and Chicken Karage Bites.

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